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How did you settle on your character's name? What is the meaning behind it? L2RPA wants to know! Help your fellow role-players get an idea for how they can name their characters!

As someone how is interested

As someone how is interested in the meaning behind names, most of my character's names have some meaning behind them and can be found here

Senka - Romanian for shadow (how I had hoped she was as untouchable) This is the 5th incarnation of Senka as a BD

Andjela - Romanian again (they have such interesting names) meaning Angel, as I truly believe healers would be to the fallen

Nyssa - A nod to the Dr Who companion (which has appeared in nearly every RPG I have played)

DeeJay - My RL nickname

Kissmet - A bastardisation of the word Kismet or destiny, and a homage to an old clan from a 'private' server I played on before joining retail (every character had to have the word kiss in their name)

Verandi - A nod to the Norse Goddess Verdandy (also known as Belldandy) Goddess of the present

Aegle - A popular name in Greek mythology meaning 'light, radiance, glory'

As to Tannis, it's a name that I have used in gaming since I wrote a Star Wars fan story back in the mid 90's, it was the surname of the lead character.

About Tetius' name...

Story is long about Tetius.

I decided to create an elf with a dual personnality. To fit that point, i had to find two names. I was reading some manga with two characters named as Tetius and Raules.

Raules was prince of hell, cursed with permanent suffering of loving someone he would never afford to get, as far as he was fighting to get her. Raules was strong, cruel, selfish, blind but really dedicated to his love, with jealousy i have to confess.

Tetius was a pure, sincere, loyal and affective servant of him. Able to sacrifice himself for his prince, he died for him.

That what i was searching for.

With those characters and names, i build little by little story of Tetius, my elf. Heine was just added to game with C2 and i was in wish to use it in her story. That's why her parents are not both light elf but dark and light ones.

for my others chars, i often use to enlight one or two aspect of their personality, and use elven languages from Inet or my own faeric or draconic languages.

As exemple : Tetius' Star Strider is maned as Inoreth

from draconic language :
Reth means King, master, ruler
In means energy, forces, magic

Then Inoreth means : ruler of forces, wich is true as Star striders are spell casters and healers....

Welcome to all three of

Welcome to all three of you!

Elmar, thank you for the parallel to the real-world information on the orcs. That is just wonderful comparison knowledge to have.

In the Footsteps of Giants - Lineage 2 Blog

Wow, Elmar!

I just learned a few new things about the L2 orcs! Thanks!

And welcome, Elliebelly!

name inspiration

By the way, Orc roleplayers may want to look at this for name-wise inspiration:

Stary, Giovanni. A Dictionary of Manchu Names: A Name Index to the Manchu Version of the "Complete Genealogies of the Manchu Clans and Families of the Eight Banners" Jakūn gūsai Manjusai mukūn hala be uheri ejehe bithe Baqi Manzhou shizu tongpu, Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz ed., 2000. Aetas Manjurica 8.

Most sinological institutes have it in their library, you can order it via Inter-Library Loan Service.

And Human roleplayers best have a look at:

Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels. Enthaltend Fürstliche, Gräfliche, Freiherrliche, Adelige Häuser, C. A. Starke Verlag

aka "Gotha"

Abahai, my main and a Tyrant,

Abahai, my main and a Tyrant, was named after Aisin Gioro Abahai (1592~1643), second Great Khan and first Emperor of the Manchu nation. Since the Lineage 2 Orcs are based on the real life Manchu - their names, the encroaching cold at the Frozen Waterfalls (the 17th century interglacial that prompted the invasion of China) - I thought that would fit. The real life Abahai (Aisin is the tribe/alliance, Gioro the clan) was not so much a Tyrant but more a "benevolent dictator" though. After all, he had to feed a population in a country where in many places the temperatures only go above zero for 4 months per year :P

Elmar (old German for "all famous") is my real name.


not going to lie.
FidgitTheClown was an empty shell of a character in the creation window, the name came only after i saw the war paint options of the orc male fighters.
the Lines down his face reminded me of a Primitive, or Disturbed Clown.
thus the name Fidgit, which i believe to be more nervous, and a tick you might find an insane person performing. The title Asylum Inmate was later designed to accompany the name and characteristic i set forth for Fidgit.
i Try to play the character as slightly askew, with an awkward sense of humor...
not really funny...
i usually play him as friendly, although in truth, i suspect he is quite mad, and probably likely to run into daring odds with bare fists rather than an axe or sword.

more prone to mood swings while playing this character, also most likely to pk...

another character is FetchMeVodka whom is a lazy Warsmith, too drunk to leave the town of Giran... name of course related to the face i picked for him as well, looks a bit rosy if you know what i mean. he doesn't do Crafting, but he does often deal with fine stones... ooh shiney.

most notable is malicestorm all lowercase, an aspiring orc overlord set to rule over the orc race with an iron fist. malicestorm has since fallen in love with the outside world, she respects orcs most, but does not wish to remain in her own lands for the time being until the current flame lord passes on. has an alliance with the Ketra orcs, but is not above slaying the infested orcs of the north.
her name was a spur of the moment thought, it sounded cool, based on the term maelstrom, a storm of hate, and evil, a storm of malice... originally designed to be a clan filler, her personality came years after her creation.

there, now you know my secrets...

i as a person have always tried to be creative with character names, not falling into a single category, often times the character is built before a personality is applied. but also staying away from name generators, and mythology... nameing is a fun game i like to play when creating a new character, although dpending on the purpose, i may or may not just pick something functional... like a Kamael Acadamy toon i had named OldLeftWing...

i like role playing, although playing the game itself is like role playing, building the character to be strong, or just fumbling around trying to find the best score...

good luck to you all, and i hope we meet again.

AmberDrake was from a book by

AmberDrake was from a book by Mercedes Lackey, it was actually a HE, and he was a healer/mage. Of course everyone took it like a girls name and I eventually did the sex change to a female.

EllieBelly came about when my first clan in C1 or earlier all decided to make dwarves. I wanted something cute and girly, like the female dwarves in that game so I used a nickname we gave my cat Ellie. The "belly" is because she's a ragdoll and often flops down and sleeps belly up.

Well. . . I am not a current

Well. . . I am not a current Lineage 2 person, but my character has always been Kitty. ShadowFireKitty! I took the sn of my very first RP character from AOL, and well. . . she looked a bit like a kitty. . . So she became ShadowFireKitty. I originally intended her to be more dark, like her namesake. But she looked like a little kitty girl and... dark just didn't work out. xD


Originally, I wanted to use the name Lafiel, from one of the main characters in a japanese noval series "crest of the stars" or "banner of the stars". However, that was taken so I spelled it a bit differently, her last name I wanted to sound Kamaelian, so I made it up.

Azy, or Azydria, both variations I've used heavily over the years for various female characters. I also made it up as far as I know.

Most of my names I try to conjure up on my own. there are times when I'll use characters from other sources as name inspiration.

Here's How I Named My Toons...

When I first created my first character, I had an rp character who had a daughter named Imogen. Since I didn't want to name Imodel, Imogen, I altered the name a little and found that Imodel sounded Dark Elvish. In her storyline she is named thus by her birth mother, since I made the name meanings to be similar, to be an 'Innocent, one who is free of blame.' The rest of her family I found appropriate names from a Dark Elvish name site I obtained from Olorae. For Sarah, I always liked the name Sarah and it means 'The Princess' a hint at her royal lineage. Unfortunately the name Sarah was already taken so I searched for a suitable last name and chose Wilhern. Now for my Light Elf, I simply looked for a Celtic sounding name and found Teagan. Once again the name only was taken so I found the last name Xiomar. My Kamael I wanted to name Lachlan, but once again already taken so I added an 'a' at the end. My dwarf I simply looked for Scottish sounding names and chose Edina and McLoy. And finally I looked for a name that sounded tribal for my Orc, and chose Zahra, which ironically, as I found out later, is a variation of 'Sarah'. Often times when naming my characters I try to find names that would sound appropriate for an Elf, Dwarf, etc. and also ones that hint at something about the character. Example Imodel is innocent of any sins of her parents or kin, and Sarah is actually an Athelbalt. Hope that helps any future roleplayers.

Well, Dachande I picked up

Well, Dachande I picked up from a book I read when I was a kid called "AvP: Prey." I figured the name would be rare enough to use though it seems I was quite mistaken. Anyway Dachande was one of the Predators from that book and his name if I remember correctly means "Different Blade"

Vashanesh from what I know was a name used in Warhammer, he is the patriarch of the Von Carstein bloodline. However I used that name for my Kamael since it sounds a name that a Kamael would be called. Originally I wanted to name him Nanchael but the name was taken.

Kuros was the name of the character of a game called Wizards & Warriors for the NES. He is also my first evil character I created for a Sailor Moon RPG back when I was young, in fact he was my first evil character I created in general so I created a gladiator in L2 with the same name to honor the the memory of my very first villain.

Atrelegis was a name I read in one of my WarLands comics, I figured the name sounded cool so I kept him.

Thorigrim this is the only name I can't recall, though it does sound dwarven so I used that one for my Warsmith. :)

There are as many ways as there are names...

... but I often go to for naming characters these days.

Naitrii's name came so long ago, I don't think I knew there were sites with names back then. It was just something I made up that seemed suitable to her people, and I still haven't assigned a meaning to it!

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